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Klunder Engineering


Storage pocket

We offer a storage pocket for yachts and boats. They are mainly used to organize the ropes, but they are also used as storage compartments for small items such as telephones or water bottles.

We use solid and waterproof materials to create them in a wide range of colors. The pockets are detachable and secured with the supplied Velcro strips. The back of the pocket is padded to keep the shape of your pocket.

There are two options available in our offer, but we can make a different, customized pocket on your request.


Cup holders

The cup holders do not need to look boring. Our range of products will introduce an interesting accent to the interior of your boat.

We offer different shapes, sizes, and colors of the material:

  • stainless steel cup holders in two sizes 90 mm diameter, 80 mm height, and 70 mm diameter, 40 mm height
  • plastic cup holders in blue and orange colors with a diameter of 70 mm, a height of 40 mm, and white and black with a diameter of 90 mm, a height of 80 mm