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Klunder Engineering


The company is the fulfillment of my youthful dreams and fascination in widely understood technique, especially in  mechanics and computer science. When I was growing in the communist times, in the Polish television Zdzislaw Kaminski and Andrew Kurek created a wonderful program "Sonda" in which I could watch what in our country was not achievable - the first computers, Spacecrafts, modern cars, in a word everything that attracted me and was so distant.

Today I have the opportunity to use the latest technology, so I do what I like the most - I'm trying to create functional products based on customers' dreams. At work I use Creo software and contacts with many interesting people.

In 2010, we started building boats and swimmers. Since 2013, we offer covers and upholstery for sailing and motorboats. Every year the number of products delivered by us grows several times.

If you have a dream, and you do not know where and how you can realize them, please contact us.

Ireneusz Klunder